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Executive Coaching for Higher Education Change-makers

Working with an executive coach will help you to:

  • Connect deeply with your purpose and find clarity and renewal

  • Be empowered to embrace and drive change

  • Align your inner vision with organizational objectives

  • Lead with self awareness, emotional intelligence and accountability

  • Dismantle obstacles to effective working relationships, even with “difficult people”

  • Deftly navigate relationships with other senior administrators, President and Board 

  • Become more present, creative and open to possibility

  • Develop healthy work-life balance and work boundaries

  • Explore new productivity strategies to manage a heavy and complex workload

  • Build greater capacity to weather and address white fragility, inequity and micro-aggressions

As the pace of change accelerates in higher education, more and more administrators of color are stepping into academic leadership roles as department heads, deans and even chief academic officers. We are passionate about change, and bring a sense of urgency to pressing problems related to student success, equity, financial sustainability, campus climate and more. Yet, few of us were trained to be leaders! And we seldom have time to step back from the pressing demands of the job to reflect on what works, to learn new skills and approaches, or to release strategies that no longer serve us.


As part of my commitment to “lifting as we climb", I am available to support a limited number of women of color administrators in an executive coaching relationship. I bring to this work over two decades of experience in developing the capacity of individuals and teams, including at my home institution where I have the honor of serving as provost and dean of the faculty. According to the International Coach Federation, a coach partners with a client “in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” A good coach listens deeply, asks great questions, provides uplifting encouragement and challenges habitual practices and ways of thinking.

How it works: A typical coaching contract lasts 9-12 months and includes monthly 90 minute Zoom meetings, plus up to 6 “just-in-time” 30 minute coaching sessions. 


Contact me to discuss your coaching needs and to develop an individualized coaching plan. 

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