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Birth Justice

By Us Not For Us: Black Women Researching Pregnancy and Childbirth                                             buy book

                                                                                                                                                                           get pdf

Unexpected Allies: Physician Activism and the Birth Justice Movement                                               buy book

Shackled: Incarcerated Pregnant Women                                                                                                  buy book

Prison Abolition


Reform or Abolition?: Using Popular Mobilizations to Dismantle the Prison-Industrial Complex              

Rethinking Global Justice: Black Women Resist the Transnational Prison-Industrial Complex           buy book


Transatlantic Visions: Resisting the Globalization of Mass Incarceration                                                get pdf

Race, Gender and the Prison-Industrial Complex

Beyond the Prison-Industrial Complex: Women of Color Transforming Antiviolence Work                buy book

Unpacking the Crisis: Women of Color, Globalization and the Prison-Industrial Complex                  buy book

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              get pdf


Celling Black Bodies: Black Women in the Global Prison Industrial Complex                                         get pdf

From the Point of No Return to the Women's Prison:

Writing Contemporary Spaces of Confinement into Diaspora Studies                                                     get pdf


Globalized Punishment, Localized Resistance: Prisons, Neoliberalism and Empire                               buy book

A World Without Prisons: Resisting Militarism, Globalized Punishment and Empire                             get pdf

If I Die in Here, Least I'll Be Free':

Black Women "Mules" and the Transnational Prison Industrial Complex


"Mules," "Yardies," and Other Folk Devils: Mapping Cross-Border Imprisonment in Britain               buy book


Women of Color, Globalization and the Politics of Incarceration                                                             buy book


Globalisation, Incarcerated Black Women/Women of Colour and the Challenge

to Feminist Scholarship


Transgender Prisoners and Prison Activism


Feminism and the (Trans)Gender Entrapment of Gender Nonconforming Prisoners                             get pdf


Maroon Abolitionists:

Black Gender-oppressed Activists in the Antiprison Movement in the U.S. and Canada                        get pdf


From Women Prisoners to People in Women’s Prisons:                                                                          buy book

Challenging the Gender Binary in Antiprison Work                                                                                   



Women of Color Activism


Toward a Holistic Anti-Violence Agenda: Women of Color as Radical Bridge-Builders                            get pdf


(Re)constructing Multiracial Blackness:

Women's Activism, Difference and Collective Identity in Britain                                                                get pdf


Hidden Struggles: Black Women's Activism and Black Masculinity                                                           buy essay


En-gendering Anti-racism: Towards a Holistic Politics of Social Transformation                                    


Rethinking Antiviolence Strategies: Lessons from the Black Women’s Movement in Britain               buy book




Research Justice


Challenging Penal Dependency: Activist Scholars and the Antiprison Movement                               buy book



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