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Talks and Workshops

I give a limited number of talks and workshops, mostly in Northern California but I am occasionally tempted further afield! I am also happy to talk via video-conference on Skype. Please contact me for more information.

Race & Adoption

Intersections of Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality in Adoption

Blame, Forgiveness and Restorative Justice in Adoption

Connecting with Feelings About Our Birth Mothers (Adoptees) 

Searching for Birth Parents: The Inner Journey (Adoptees)

The Work Begins: What Happens After We Find our Birth Parent(s)? (Adoptees)

Navigating Intersections: Queer Parents and Transracially Adopted Kids (Adoptive parents)

Understanding Grief, Loss and Forgiveness in Adoption (Adoptive parents)

The Prison-Industrial Complex

Building a Transnational Movement to Dismantle the Prison-Industrial Complex


From Abolition to Community Accountability: Building a World Without Prisons


From “Women in Prison” to “People in Women’s Prisons:” Making Trans Experiences Visible in Feminist Antiprison Praxis 

Research Justice & Activist Scholarship

Reflections on Activist Scholarship: A Personal/ Political/ Intellectual Journey


Activist/Scholar: Rejecting the Dichotomy, Embracing our Whole Selves


Beyond Complicity: Antiprison Activists and the Prison-Academic-Industrial Complex


Birthing Our Own Story: Participatory Action Research with Black Mothers and Birth Workers

Women of Color/Trans Activism

Black Women and The Birth Justice Movement


Women of Color Against Violence: Building a Movement to End State and Intimate Violence


Ending Violence Against Black Women and Girls


Black Women and Transgender Activists in the Anti-prison Movement

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